Folders and Finishing

The PF Folder series from Standard offer an economical solution for meeting today’s folding requirements in any church, school, small in-plant, convenience print shop, reproduction center, or data processing department. With models folding from 190 to 600 sheets per minute, they offer six standard fold formats including letter, z-fold, gate fold, half fold, engineering fold, and double parallel folds. You can even produce a cross fold with the optional cross fold guide.


PF-P3100 Spec Sheet           PF-P320 Spec Sheet        PF-P330 Spec Sheet


Finishing Equipment

 Book Binders & Padders

Standard document binding systems offer an exceptional value in perfect binding systems.  They offer simplicity in producing wrap-around binding and padding.  Take a look at the different models available to fit your specific needs.


BQP-6          A complete desktop solution for perfect binding, book binding and padding.    



AccuBind    The ultimate thermal tape binding system that is easy to use and economical.  The AccuBindPro Document Binding System from Standard is the ideal desktop binding system for creating professionally bound documents.  Superior quality thermal-bound documents are produced simply, quickly, and economically. Finished documents are flexible, lie flat when opened, colorful and have a bind that will last for years. No punching or drilling needed, the AccuBind’s attractive woven linen thermal binding strips do it all.


Paper Cutters

Standard Paper Cutters have unique features that make them a standout in the paper cutter market.

PC-P43           A desktop paper cutter that is fully featured


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