Royal Care Maintenance Programs

We can tailor a maintenance program for your copier, printer or facsimile to meet your needs and your budget.  We support most major brands of copiers, printers and faxes.  Our Small Business Program for the smaller office gives you the service you want at a price you can afford.  Or go all the way up to our Royal Care Plus program that caters to your every need!  

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Supplies and toner cartridges

We also carry a complete line of OEM and compatible toner and printer cartridges for most manufacturers machines.  For real savings, try our remanufactured printer cartridges for HP, Lexmark, Brother, IBM and more.  Each cartridge is guaranteed to perform equal to or better than an OEM cartridge, while saving you 30% to 50% of the cost of an OEM cartridge. To transfer to our on-line store click here or Call or email us for a complete list and begin saving today!

Copiers and Printers

A full line of digital copier/printers that will make your office more productive while saving you money.  From desktop units to high-volume/high-speed units, we can configure a system that will make your job easier and less expensive.  Connecting them to your network is easy, productive and costs less then your typical network printer. 

Color Printers and Color Copiers

Color documents attract attention and increase retention, by up to 80%

Isn't time you got your documents noticed?  You can even create custom brochures as you need them, saving the expense of discarding outdated literature.    


From multifunctional systems to high-speed Internet faxes, you can find a system that is right for you.  All are toner based so you won't be feeding them those high cost / low yield inkjet cartridges continuously.  With 8 models to choose from there is system to meet your needs.

Digital Duplicators & Finishing

For cost effective reproduction of large volumes of pages, a digital duplicator is unmatched. Ideal for churches, schools and businesses that need to reproduce higher quantities of the same original.  Their ink-on-paper technology keeps costs low and they can handle a wide range of media.  Then finish the job with a folder, collator or booklet maker, they are all available here.

Copier/Printer Service

We also can provide off contract service on your copier, printer or MFP. We can provide service on most brands and models.  Just give us a call or click here to place a service call.