SharePoint Connector  for Copystar MFPs   

  • The SharePoint Connector allows users to walk up to a Copystar/Kyocera MFP and access documents on the SharePoint Server using the MFP Touch Screen Interface. With the SharePoint connector, users can browse through the SharePoint document libraries and sites. The connector enables scanning to a SharePoint document library and printing from a SharePoint Document Library all from the Touch Screen Interface of the MFP.

    - Complete Integration with Microsoft SharePoint
    - Scan documents to SharePoint
    - Print PDFs from SharePoint
    - Browse sites, document libraries and folders
    - Create folders
    - Enter values for document library metadata fields
    - Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    - Search for documents using SharePoint full text index
    - User Authentication
    - Login with username and password
    - Login using predefined account
    - User’s rights are enforced Supported Versions of SharePoint Server

    • SharePoint version 3.0 and later

    New in 4.0
    • Connect to multiple SharePoint servers
    • Access restrictions by MFP IP address.
    • Support for new devices
    • Connect to the cloud - scan to SharePoint 360

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