Small Workgroup Color 


Adding Color to your business correspondence, presentations and proposals does not have to cost you a fortune.  We can provide a
Color solution to meet your budget and your expectations.  Adding Color to your business documents not only adds impact, but gets you remembered!

Isn't time you take the step from the black & white world into the world of Color!  It is not just a matter of standing out from the crowd, it is a matter of keeping up.  Are your proposals being overlooked because they lack the impact of Color?  The answer may surprise you.

Take the first step from a two dimensional world into the multifaceted world of Color.

Kyocera / Copystar

                FS C2526MFP      Small workgroup with Ledger size

       FS-C2126PlusMFP      M6026cidn              M6526cidn         FS-8520c                      FS-8525c





CX-2032                         C3530



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